Alveole bring the tools you need, and more !

All the basics you are waiting for

The basics are a contact manager, a calendar, document storage, and a webmail. Please, note that you can use you current email, many addresses if you want. Thanks to CALDAV, you can share your calendars and contacts with your smartphone. As the bundeled webmail connects to your existing email through IMAP, there is absolutely no sharing problem with Alveole !

Be wise, with business intelligence

Alveole is built to be operative at work : for each project, Alveole know the hours you spend, and the bills you edit. So it is possible to make great and precise statistics about profitability and performance... especially if you are freelance, consultant, former...

Work and share with your team !

Alveole can be used by a team. Each co-worker has he's own personal account, with contacts, emails and projects. When needed, a project can be shared, and from now, the co-worker can see the associated calendar.

Be advised

Alveole notify you with unpaid bills and pending tickets. Soon, it will be possible to automatically remind your customer when the bill payment expiration is over. It has also a bundeled notification system which advertise you when you receive a new mail.

Customize the look-and-feel

We wanted to bring you a beautiful software. But beyong that, Alveole allows you to personalize the interface with you own wallpaper and logo. Thanks to the great right management system, you can grant access to your customers, and share with them documents and bills, or more if you like !

Extend with plugins

Thanks to, you can easily update your software. You can also add features made by the community, or propose your own plugins. The installation process is easy, as you can add or remove plugins in one simple click.