Alveole is still in development. We make our best to provide you a complete solution, but you'll have to be a bit patient for now ! Here are the next functionalities you could discover soon :

Collaborative tools

Alveole is made to make people collaborate. So you'll be able to share your projects with your partners, giving them the ability to access associated objects like documents and calendars.

Business intelligence integration

The main aim of Alveole was to increase the performance of our projects, by giving us a new vision on our projects : what time did you spendon that project ? How must did it cost to you ? Simple questions, accurate answers...


As many of you expect it, we are developing an exclusive webmail which will allow you to use many mail account in the same feed.

We make our best to integrate the tool in a intuitive way, so you'll be able to retrieve your contact's messages from within your directory, or manage your message with drag'n'drop.

Share with smartphone

What could be a calendar without the ability to share its contents and access your data with your smartphone ? That's what we plan to make with caldav/carddav standard integration.