The simplest personal organizer solution

Alveole is an open source solution which allows you
to manage your contacts, files, calendars, projects... and many other stuff !

Bundeled technologies

codeigniter jquery phpmailer php mysql

Commercial services

According to your needs, we can build custom modules for Alveole, or host your own copy of Alveole, so that you'll have the benefit of running an always up-to-date version of your program ! Contact us for more informations.

We need help !

If you're a developer, perhaps you could join us developing the program on github. You could also help us translate Alveole in your language, by joining the Zanata plateform.

Alveole is freely given to you, but we need to pay the bills. So if you like our work and want to support us, you can credit our Paypal account so that we could offer some coffee !